The Mixc Shopping Mall Grand Opening On Christmas Day in Sugar City

  • 2020-12-25

In the blink of an eye, 2021 is coming.

After 30 days of round-the-clock production,

our team finally completed the decoration props for the opening of the shopping mall before Christmas,

perfectly presenting the sweetest visual feast of "Sugar City".

Looking back at 2020, an epidemic makes everything uncertain, and we are all trying to leave a definite footprint.

On December 25th, Chongzuo Mixc shopping mall Grand Opening .

The rock stars Xin Band parachuted into Chongzuo Mixc mall, setting off the enthusiasm of the audience, bringing a unique rock romance;

The first snow of Christmas,

the NPC Parade candy and the lighting of the 12-meter large Christmas tree by flying meteors are the sweetest surprises for the residents of Chongzuo.

The tree is made of steel frame, fiberglass candy props, pink rattan decorations and light bands. The 12m height of the tree perfectly shows the designer's idea of design.

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