The Christmas window of Louis Vuitton's in Paris

  • 2018-12-22

Christmas window of Louis Vuitton's

The Christmas window of Louis Vuitton's flagship store on The Place Vendome in Paris is attracting attention from around the world.

Brand store Christmas window display

With the theme of "Tree of the World", the Christmas atmosphere is closely integrated into the characteristics of different countries, presenting different windows visual.

1,Cactus  tree

For People in the tropics, cacti are the most common "big tree".

As you see,Giant cactuses are cover with Louis Vuitton gift sets.

retail store Christmas window display Christmas window display porps

2,Coconut tree

Then the picture turns,LV will take you to the cozy seaside

Louis Vuitton bags hang everywhere of the towering coconut palms

fashion Christmas window display

3, Bonsai Christmas tree

Back indoors from the cozy seaside, Asian bonsai has also been discovered as a Christmas tree.

window display propsgiant Christmas tree decoration

4, The Joshua Tree

In addition, LV's Christmas tree can also be a towering Joshua tree

fiberglass decorative tree

LV's designers have taken the Christmas decorations one step at a time.Presents a visual feast for people.

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