POP MART IP exhibition make the popular commercial arts Display in Zhuhai UT PLACE opening activities

  • 2020-10-01

With the theme of "City Heart Wonderful Eight Directions To Tide", The opening ceremony of Universum has brought a tide feast for Zhuhai trendgoers.

All these opening activities take "tide" as the core and have various forms. For different customer groups, they cover all entrances and floors of the shopping mall with all-round drainage, and effectively dredge the internal passenger flow.

Surging crowd, directed at the POP MART IP exhibition and not a few.The "C-bit" is fiberglass Pucky, the lovable god of naughty kindness and healing, which creates a series of fantasy clocking scenes.

One is the new trend of Zhuhai holy land, one is all the fashion of the popular tide play brand, excellent special collection and POP MART "encounter" is a match made in heaven, but also hidden excellent IP drainage.

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