Visual Merchandising Clear Resin Ice Cube Sculpture Decoration

Visual Merchandising Clear Resin Ice Cube Sculpture Decoration

  • 2022-04-13

Custom Clear Resin Ice Cube Sculpture Decoration

Every year ,the Christmas window display is really important for each shop ,a good idea and display will get more more people's attentio.While how to realize the idea of winter window,the transparent ice cube sculpture will be a good options.

Base on original idea ,some parts of the ice cube will be with foggy view ,but the other parts keep transparent ,so that the clients can see the inside colored flowers .Considering this, we suggest to use transparent resin material and some parts to be with white painting finishing .See from outside,as if many flowers in full blom,instantly sealed in ice .The beauty lasts forever .

Customized transparent resin ice cube sculptures

Big artificial ice block for brand shop decoration

As for bigger ice cube, add the lights on bottom, the pastel blue lights scattered through the ice cube , just like the aurora, show a magical and beautiful world for everyone.

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