Shopping mall decoration -"My lazy friend"ViViCat show

Shopping mall decoration -"My lazy friend"ViViCat show

  • 2020-11-05
In the September,ViViCat's first display show in East China opens in Hangzhou.

ViViCat "Bathed in aurora" series decoration appeared in the shopping mall center.

Full of girly style, the base color pink &green matching magic color laser style, the gorgeous scene in the artist's mind was reproduced to reality.

This series combinated different materials and processes,the fiberglass cat statues, the magic color acrylic castle,round ball,artificial ball of yarn,etc. The huge ViViCat lies in a bathtub full of bubbles, glittering and translucent bubbles everywhere, as if stepping into a fantasy dream.

huge fiberglass cartoon cat statue

The interior of the bathtub is an immersive space where the light changes as it moves, as if it were touching a bubble in the aurora, and the color of the light changes as it bathes with the languid ViViCat

magic color acylic castle display props

artificial ball of yarn decoration for shopping mall

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