Polka Dot sculpture for Art Festival

Polka Dot sculpture for Art Festival

  • 2020-09-01

Polka Dot sculpture for Art Festival

Polka Dot were all the rage in the 1960s,widely used in artistic modeling and clothing design.As an absolute stalwart, Yayoi Kusama creates one visual feast after another.

Kusama -- the name sounds pretty classical and elegant, but anyone who looks at his work gets a different feel -- endless dots and stripes, a sea of gorgeous flowers that confuses the existence of real space, only vertigo and confusion about where you are

I can see hundreds of millions of small white stones, filling the midsummer sunshine quietly "exist" -- that is the mysterious source of my creation "wave point".

--- Yayoi Kusama

Entering the 21st century, Kusama is still active. After exploring sculpture and the house of mirrors, she began painting on canvas with a marker in 2004, and named the series of 50 works "Eternal Love" (2004-2007), which evolved into the "My Eternal Soul" series. Large-scale outdoor sculpture and installation art, with colorful three-dimensional works themed with dots, is widely known as "the symbol of Kusama Yayoi Art". Such as the famous Polka Dot pumpkin

  • The famous Polka Dot pumpkin sculpture

Famous Polka Dot pumpkin sculpture

Production pictures

Giant gorgeous Polka Dot flowers sculpture

customized fiberglass flower sculptureart visual flower decoration

Painting finishing


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