OEM shopping mall Easter decorative creative Easter eggs decoration

OEM shopping mall Easter decorative creative Easter eggs decoration

  • 2020-10-19

Easter Day is an important holidayfor western countries,in memory of Jesus Christ.Easter is a symbol of rebirth and hope.

During the festival,people make eggs according to traditional customs,and getting Easter eggs is the happiest thing for every child.

Easter eggs are meant to make people happy -- and they are! These eggs are beautiful and decorative. They represent good wishes and share the joy of changing seasons with you.So during the festival, there are many shopping mall will custom kinds of eggs and use them for decoration .

Here share some beautiful and creative fiberglass Easter eggs which we made.

-Production process of Easter eggs decor statues:

Open mould according design size---Make the primary items---Polishing---Based paint---Colour paint---Hand drawing---Glossy paint--QC---Packing--Installation in mall

Big artificial Easter eggs

Pattern of abstract Spider-Man (Easter eggs decoration)

fashion decor Easter eggs crafts

shopping mall decor Easter eggs

Pattern of Peking Opera mask

Easter decoration supplier

Color block

handmade Easter eggs statue for activity

Easter eggs

Another indispensable Easter image is the bunny rabbit。Because of its strong ability to reproduce, it is regarded as the creator of new life。So base on the eggs , we also make some lovely rabbit look.It is so cute,right!

Easter rabbit statues decoration

We glad to share more behind product details if you are interest in.Believe that these eggs and rabbits will give your Easter some special surprise.

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