Modern colour fiberglass dental tooth shaped stool tooth statues

Modern colour fiberglass dental tooth shaped stool tooth statues

  • 2020-09-24

Modern colour dental tooth shaped stool ,fiberglass leisure stool,chair

Artificial tooth shaped stool, it is very popular these years. Made in fiberglass material and good quality car paint finish .You can custom your own color to match different occasion .

It is both practical and beautiful product.

-As a practical rest stool,it is widely used in shopping mall,dental clinic, the special shape make it be attractive.

-As a visual decoration ,you can customize the emoji sticker and place it on stool,it is so funny.Fiberglass tooth chair widely used to decorative shopping mall,outdoor plaza,shop,even office .

Primary items

tooth stool primary item

Paint finishing items

Colour fiberglass tooth stool furniturewholesale fiberglass leisure stool in shop

Mass production packing

Modern fiberglass tooth shape stool

Emoji sticker

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