Fiberglass statue of Pikachu- typical pokemon character

Fiberglass statue of Pikachu- typical pokemon character

  • 2020-07-14

Pikachu - typical pokemon character

With popular animation modeling, movie theme figures, animation hero made by the sculpture, and widely used in various places and various activities, deeply loved by people.

Today,what we share is fiberglass Pikachu statuePikachu is a representative elf character in the Japanese game pokemon.With the popularity of its surrounding animated pokemon, the pokemon's appeal is gradually being accepted by younger players。

Pikachu is a short, fat, round elf with yellow fur all over his body.It had long ears, two red circles in its cheeks, and a strange tail that looked like lightning. Looks so cute!

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It is also because it is lovely, so, its sculpture is widely used in the mall in various activities。

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