2019 Mixc Christmas Decoration

2019 Mixc Christmas Decoration

  • 2020-06-08

Christmas decorations for shopping mall center

As a leader of urban fashion, every Year's Christmas bring the whole city amazing, sending one surprise after another. Like a treasure box, Mixc is a new link between urban temperament and fashion attitude.

2019 Mixc Christmas visual display in Wenzhou,Hefei,Shenyang rely on the fairy tale of Max and snow monster,create a aurora town,present a dreamy and jolly Christmas scene--the one and only aurora for everyone。We are so lucky to be involved in the production and installation of these Christmas project .

September 27,2019,we received the customer's initial plan, then carefully check the blue print and and learned that the project had to be installed by November 24. Time is quite urgently ! Our design and production dept. discussed the materials and process in the first instance.The whole scheme combines acrylic, hardware, stainless steel and wood, fiberglass and other complex materials,and feedback to them .At the same time, the customer also provided their finished 3D design at the first time and discussed more details with us. Finally,the customer was satisfied with our suggestions and decided to let us produce and install the three schemes including Hefei, Shenyang and Wenzhou. Of course, everything was never going to be smooth, during that time,the design was changed several times. In order to get customer’s satisfactory, we have been actively cooperating and timely give us advice.

After the client approves the plan, we firstly made crystal samples and other color samples for confirmation.They had a meeting after receiving them.Fortunately, we finally received their approval in time, and then we immediately started to arrange mass production, which was finally completed on November 14th and delivered in time.Of course, in order to present the final effect with high quality, we arrange professionals to install on site.

giant fiberglass cartoon statue

acrylic crystal

Crystal in clear acrylic with dazzle colour film

Fiberglass snow monster with paint finish

fiberglass abstract statues

Installation in shopping mall

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