2020 The Business Planning Festival Golden Lantern Award commercial center design

  • 2020-08-05

As an important part of Chinese business plan section, Golden light award because of cultural exchange and, because of the industrial development and for businesses to participate in, has become China's planning event has certain influence, becomes in the Chinese commercial industry chain has a certain recognition degree is one of the cultural card, also recognized by industry as China's commercial real estate project Beauty Chan academy.

The second China Business Planning Festival in 2020

shopping mall decorationshopping mall decoration

Awards in the gold lamp awards for a total of 22, by the excellent quality award, outstanding award, outstanding creative award, outstanding mutual award, marketing excellence award, outstanding visual award, outstanding award, the prize of excellence project has opened, popularity excellence award, the prize of excellence in management, awards 11 professional theme blocks scene, nine separate awards, two personal awards.

shopping mall decorationshopping mall decoration

Chinese lanterns light up commercial real estate, and golden light shines on poetry and distant places.The Golden Lantern Awards represent the highest recognition of the influence of Beauty Chan in China. In order to promote the progress and improvement of Chinese business and beauty Chan, this year golden Lantern Awards once again makes great contribution to the development of commercial real estate in China.

acrylic tower shopping mall decorationshopping mall decorationshopping mall Christmas decoration

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